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<br>You sir, have great music for those unaware.But on the plus side, my arms are getting a lot bigger (for me anyway).The thing is, I notice that I'm not nearly as sore as I was when I was at a lower BF, even though I've made some really good gains in all of the major 3 lifts: BP, SQ and DL. Overall I feel better than I did at a lower BF, but I have to admit, I also feel bloated.Approx 2-3 lb muscle gain a week?No chance.Expect 2 years./showthread.t=998224I suggest reading this thread before you start, don't neglectOk, going to give Rippletoes a broham.Gettin ready to beat the hell out of a turkey or two!Lex called up our other training partner, Mongo. Mongo is a 6'8&quot; 305 lb. monster.<br><br>The hours can be harsh (early mornings and late nights) and the sales won't come right away. you will have to push through some adversity initially, and if you don't have a passion to help others then its going to be very tough on you. This is one of the biggest things that they will be looking for.Say some guy started a fight on me outside a car park or someone came at me with a knife? Is JKD ideal in these case scenarios?any more info would also be good.but CMON MAN!bj penn has at times had maybe 15 pounds of extra fat on himthat roy guy has like 50+He has what it takes in the standup?companies will. I wonder what might happen when a huge portion of the population goes to gov't health care? Dude, trx sale the ways they're going to be looking for money.<br><br>My cardio is ****. Burpee pullups sound good.Kipping is better IMO for multiple reasons but the best quote is from the Crossfit FAQ&quot;Short version: Kipping allows more work to be done in less time, thus increasing power output.5/e=NaN it says i need 3056 cals on workout days, trx rip trainer trx pro pack i think that sounds high. I weigh 111 lbs and i am 5&quot;9'. how accurate is that calculator.You've started up with a very corporate business group. It's no old school boxing gym or martial arts gym so you have to keep the mindset of the clients in your group. People see flashy toys &amp; lots of movements(bright lights~pretty colours) &amp; they think it's where the best trainers will be found.<br><br>Curtis BrighamAndrija Pavlico this guyRenzo gracieI have a few acquaintances but that's it. I just want a cool girl that's like me to chill with.brb don't have people texting you bothering you all the timebrb do whatever I want whenever I want all daybrb while people are out partying or w.Lockout is definitely triceps weakness, I've never had lockout problems in bench, trx rip trainer only when severely fatigued, so not a matter of strength.Wednesday:Deadlifts:60kg (132lbs) x 1090kg (198lbs) x 8100kg (220lbs) x 8110kg (242lbs) x 6115 kg (253lbs) x 5Lateral Pulldowns:30kg (66lbs) x 1050kg (110lbs) x 855kg (121lbs) x 860kg (132lbs) x 660kg (132lbs) x 6 (Tryed 65kg once but went down to 60kg again and did 6 reps. 65kg next week.<br> oooooo
27.01.2014 19:40
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