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<br>Running in pink for the win and for the sisterhood</br><br>Najeeby Quinn and Leslie Varys rocked the straightaway Saturday, showing off their fitness and a flair for fashion while leading a record crowd of more than 7,200 in the Alaska Run for Women -- a race as much about spirit and sisterhood as it is about speed. </br><br>The front-runners did their part to paint the town pink, the signature color of breast cancer, which is what the for-girls-only event is all about. The 19th annual fundraiser is nearing the $3 million mark, with this year's event bringing in $166,265 for causes related to breast cancer. </br><br>Quinn, wearing pink striped knee-high socks and a pink sports bra, outdueled Varys, wearing a maroon skort and a pink-print sports bra, in the final mile to win the five-mile race. </br><br>&quot;I love to feel girlie and then flaunt some muscle,&quot; Varys said. &quot;A guy can't wear this skirt. We work this. We make it work.&quot; </br><br>Quinn, Varys and third place Kristi Waythomas each averaged sub-six-minute miles to finish in less than 30 minutes. franklin and marshall usa </br><br>Quinn came from behind to win in 29 minutes, 39 seconds; Varys clocked 29:48 and Waythomas 29:56. </br><br>&quot;The over-30 crowd, right here!&quot; Quinn, 31, announced as she draped arms around Varys, 32, and Waythomas, 42, after the three crossed the finish line at sunny Anchorage Football Stadium. </br><br>&quot;And over 40,&quot; she added with grin, with a nod to the ageless Waythomas, the only over-40 runner in the top 20. </br><br>Cracking the top 40 was Mary Barrett, 57, one of more than 300 breast cancer survivors who wore pink ball caps and received pink carnations at the finish line. Barrett was the fastest of the survivors, finishing 40th overall in 35:09. Judy Pickett was second among survivors and 42nd overall in 35:17. </br><br>Quinn said the Run for Women is special to her because her grandmother, Jean Mund, is a breast cancer survivor. &quot;I always run for her,&quot; she said. </br><br>Varys said no one in her family has had the disease, &quot;but you never know. The sisterhood part of it is, we're all here together, because you never know,&quot; she said. </br><br>The Run for Women isn't a costume party like the annual Ski for Women is, but it is a place where girls and women like to make fashion statements, usually in the form of slogans on pink T-shirts. dolce and gabbana handbags on sale </br><br>&quot;Justice for Jugs.&quot; &quot;Rack Pack.&quot; &quot;Breast Friends.&quot; &quot;Save the Ta-Tas.&quot; All loud, all proud. </br><br>Then there was a group of about 10 women dressed like cowboys and Indians. Team name: Chemo Sabe. </br><br>The ringleader was Kelly Ross, 51, a longtime race participant and a first-time participant in the survivors category. Her sister Michelle Seger, who came from Atlanta for the occasion, said Ross toyed with a couple of other themes for a team name or motto before coming up with Chemo Sabe. </br><br>&quot;There was, 'Just another lump in the road,' and I said, 'No! No! Tasteless!' Then she called me and said, 'Remember when we were kids and Dad used to watch the Lone Ranger? Do you remember his Indian friend who called him kemo sabe -- my trusted friend? </br><br>'Well, Chemo Sabe is my trusted friend, because I know it's keeping me alive.' '' </br><br>Seger was one of the cowboys, dressed in a denim skirt, pink plaid shirt, pink bandana and pink cowboy hat. Lourdes Gorman, another team member, sported the Indian look: buckskin skirt, beaded earrings and a fistful of feathers. </br><br>Ross competed in the five-mile event five days after a chemotherapy session, Seger said. </br><br>&quot;She's been doing this run every year and never thought she'd be running as a survivor,&quot; Seger said. dolce and gabbana watches on sale </br><br>Susan Bick celebrated her 19th birthday with a fourth-place finish. </br><br>Just two weeks ago Bick placed eighth in the 800 meters at the NCAA Division II track and field championships to become the first freshman in UAA history to earn All-America honors in track and field. </br><br>Saturday, she led a trio of UAA runners that grabbed fourth, fifth and sixth place. Bick clocked 30:06 to edge teammate Emma Bohman, who was fifth in 30:12. Jaime Bronga was sixth in 31:05. </br><br>Bick's time was more than two minutes faster than last year's, when she was fresh out of Bartlett High. </br><br>&quot;It was a nice birthday run,&quot; she said. &quot;You see all the pink hats out there and it just really makes me realize why I run. I can't imagine not running, not being able to get out of bed every day and run.&quot; </br><br>The last time Linda Kidd competed in the Run for Women, she was hatless and her daughter was 13. Her daughter is 27 now, and Kidd showed up for Saturday's race in one of the pink hats given to survivors. </br><br>&quot;I feel a little self-conscious wearing it,&quot; she said. </br><br>But those feelings were overshadowed by gratefulness for her own survival and admiration for those just beginning their fight. </br><br>&quot;I'm still here,&quot; said Kidd, who was diagnosed eight years age at age 42. &quot;I'm proud to be this far and to be healthy. And I so admire the ones who are still going through it all. I read about a woman who will be doing it in a wheelchair and I just bawled. Good for her.&quot; </br><br>Besides all the pink hats worn by the survivors and all the pink everything-else worn by everyone else, there's another important accessory at the Run for Women. </br><br>Available to anyone are small signs that say &quot;In memory of...&quot; and &quot;In honor of...&quot; They are perhaps the most heart-wrenching sights at the race, because people write the names of friends or family who died of breast cancer or are fighting breast cancer and then pin the signs on the back of their shirts. </br><br>Dauerhauer has such a long list because she volunteers for Breast Cancer Focus, a fundraising group in Anchorage, which brings her into contact with many breast cancer patients and survivors. </br><br>One of the group's primary fundraising events is an annual luncheon, at which anyone who has had breast cancer is asked to stand up. </br><br>&quot;Then they ask you to stand if your neighbor has it, if your friend has it,&quot; said Dauerhauer, who has no close personal connection to the disease yet has made it her cause. &quot;Every year I just start crying, because I think, 'This is why I do this.' '' </br><br>1) Najeeby Quinn, 29:39; 2) Leslie Varys, 29:48; 3) Kristi Waythomas, 29:56; 4) Susan Bick, 30:06; 5) Emma Bohman; 30:12; 6) Jaime Bronga, 31:05; 7) Jane LeBlond, 31:09; 8) Danielle Dalton, 31:38; 9) Hallidie Wilt, 31:46; 10) Erin West, 31:48; 11) Lauren Fritz, 31:51; 12) Sarah Freistone, 32:04; 13) Joanna Cokeley, 32:18; 14) Amy Reed, 32:42; 15) Allison Melocik, 32:57; 16) Jenette Northey, 33:07; 17) Haley Hughes, 33:14; 18) Lisa Dale, 33:23; 19) Erin Jordan, 33:24; 20) Jennifer Henderson, 33:25; 21) Kyle Colburn, 33:32; 22) Laura McDonough, 33:35; 23) Paola Banchero, 33:37; 24) Mandy Vincent-Lang, 33:48; 25) Eeva Latosuo, 33:52; </br><br>26) Morgan Weimer, 33:53; 27) Kelsey Coolidge, 33:53; 28) Ali Parker, 33:54; 29) Tsaina Mahlen, 34:14; 30) Susan Forbes, 34:18; 31) Polly Wheeler, 34:30; 32) Audrey Michaelson, 34:33; 33) Abby Jahn, 34:33; 34) Jennifer Schrage, 34:39; 35) Cara Wilcox, 34:43; 36) Katie Weddleton, 34:45; 37) Chrissy May, 34:56; 38) Jessica Horras, 35:04; 39) Carrie Setian, 35:06; 40) Mary Barrett, 35:07; 41) Kamie Miller, 35:10; 42) Judy Pickett, 35:13; 43) Julie Berberich, 35:20; 44) Sarah Alvarez, 35:21; 45) Nikki Wray, 35:21; 46) Teresa Comer, 35:21; 47) Stephanie Kirk, 35:22; 48) Stacey Almond, 35:23; 49) Nadine Price-Schrue, 35:34; 50) Anne Williams, 35:35; </br><br>51) Jacquelyn Minge, 35:38; 52) Kristi Sheas, 35:41; 53) Wendy Moe-Willis, 35:41; 54) Kelley Pearson, 35:44; 55) Cindy Freistone, 35:47; 56) Wendy Sailors, 35:55; 57) Nicole Leman, 36:02; 58) Suzanne Wheatall, 36:06; 59) Erin Skvorc, 36:14; 60) Susan Ryznar, 36:16; 61) Stephanie Myers, 36:17; 62) Kayle Blackmore, 36:19; 63) Amber Weimer, 36:23; 64) Deana Watson, 36:30; 65) Heidi Martinson, 36:32; 66) Heidi Beer, 36:33; 67) Jennifer Baker, 36:45; 68) Erika Stoye, 36:46; 69) Mary Pearce, 36:51; 70) Lucy Swygman, 36:57; 71) Heather Durtschi, 36:58; 72) Kristina Woolston, 37:02; 73) Christine Fisher, 37:02; 74) Lindsay Williams, 37:08; 75) Danelle VanHolstyn, 37:12; </br><br>76) Rachel Dow, 37:15; 77) Hannah Sandstrom, 37:20; 78) Sienna Carey, 37:21; 79) Jessie Westin, 37:22; 80) Kaitlyn Mulhern, 37:23; 81) Allison Abo, 37:23; 82) Dara Lively, 37:24; 83) Elizabeth Stevens, 37:25; 84) Cathy Duffy, 37:29; 85) Dawnell Smith, 37:30; 86) Darlene Cooper, 37:34; 87) Cindy Cooper, 37:36; 88) Sara Falconer, 37:36; 89) Shelly Matherne, 37:38; 90) Alex Okeson, 37:38; 91) Carrie Drury, 37:42; 92) Tina Moronell, 37:46; 93) Jill McLeod, 37:49; 94) Brenda Applegate, 37:52; 95) Tonia Baklanova, 37:53; 96) Gloria Reyes, 38:00; 97) Rebecca Jeter, 38:00; 98) Ashlee Weller, 38:03; 99) Jody Stahl, 38:04; 100) Debbie Boots, 38:07. </br><br>1) Mary Barrett, 35:07; 2) Judy Pickett, 35:13; 3) Shelly Matherne, 37:38; 4) Janet Tune, 38:53; 5) Elaine Tibbetts, 38:55; 6) Liisa Morrison, 39:33; 7) Gayne Turner, 39:42; 8) Cynthia Decker, 39:58; 9) Catherine Mormile, 42:37; 10) Mary Ann Chisholm, 43:38; 11) Jean Bokman, 44:34; 12) Tracy Cascio, 45:10; 13) Mary Flanigin, 45:37; 14) Linda Kidd, 45:58; 15) Mary Marsolais, 47:16 82. </br> eeeeee
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